Christina Skye - The Accidental Bride

The Accidental Bride has something
for ever reader-warmth, humor...and
chocolate. I love this book."


Welcome Home to Summer Island

THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDE gets a starred review in Booklist magazine.

So thrilling!  "Rich with realistically complex characters and subtle wit... Skye perfectly captures the feel and appeal of small-town excellent suggestion for fans of Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series or Robyn Carr’s Virgin River books."

A state of mind and a place you can always call home

Well you've come to the right place.

The sea is pounding along the little cove and the sky is streaked red with the first touch of sunset. Welcome back to Summer Island!

Thank you for joining Jilly and Walker on their emotional journey. Strong and stubborn, these two surprised me at every turn. (And if you haven't read THE ACCIDENTAL BRIDE yet, stop reading right here and enjoy the story! )

Somewhere along the path of this book, Jilly and Walker claimed a spot among my very favorite characters. Even when they made me tear at my hair!

And Winslow…

No words of explanation needed there. This brave service dog carries his own special kind of magic and courage.

I hope that Summer Island continues to touch you as it has touched me, beginning with my story in THE KNITTING DIARIES and again in A HOME by the SEA.  Along those fog-swept coves and quiet streets, friendship runs deep.

See you down at the cove......


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